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118 = positive
1 = neutral
1 = negative

Please note that EVERY customer HAS received their package or a refund. The only reason I have neutral and negative feedback is due to slow shipping which, I do admit, is a good reason to leave neutral feedback. I promise to do my best to get your orders out in a timely manner, but please remember that I do work full time and go to school full time. If, at any time during our transaction you would like a refund due to something I have done, please contact me and we will discuss it. If your package is already shipped, however, I cannot offer a refund (but I will supply you with a copy of the post office receipt).


PLEASE READ!!! AS OF MARCH 20TH, 2007, I WILL NOT BE TAKING ANY MORE DVD BURN ORDERS FROM PEOPLE I HAVE NOT DEALT WITH BEFORE! I have had too many problems with people demanding I send them 20 DVDs the day after they pay me. It's NOT going to happen! If you wish to view my DVD list or would like to trade (I love doing trades, just ask), please email me or reply to this post with your email address and I will send you my UPDATED list of DVDs. If you would still like to work with me and you have never worked with me before, PLEASE feel free to contact me and I'll try to work with you as long as you are understanding. Thank you.

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I need some Christmas music! Please let me know if you can burn me any Christmas CDS! You MUST be able to ship this week. Also, show me your burn CD lists!

Also looking for:
+ gift cards or coupons for Urban Outfitters and Old Navy

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Lots of new stuff just added! Includes plus size clothing! Take a look! Make offers if you don't like my price! Prices that include shipping are for US shipping only. Inquire for out of US shipping.

If you're interested in multiple items, let me know! I'll make you a deal!

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I'm making a few extra copies of Grey's Anatomy season 3 and Desperate Housewives season 3. If anyone would like to trade for either or both, please post your journal and I'll get back to you.
Also, show me your:
* hats/beanies
* Pink CDs (my mom is looking for these. All she said was that one had the song "who knew?" and one is live. I guess she wants both)
* neat coffee cups/thermos/travel mugs
* PS1 games and memory card
* Prismacolor items (prefer pencils, but show me what you have)
* 35mm or 120 film
* Jane Austin stuff (no books or movies)
* Allergy remedies

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Looking for:
+ The person who was selling black and white photography paper. If you still have it, I get paid Friday and would love to buy at least 1 pack from you. Please let me know!
+ Any other darkroom and photography materials. I especially need professional 35mm film, 120 film, paper (resin coated and fiber), and medium format camera supplies.
+ Lomography camera and supplies.
+ Guitar pic charms (I have ball chains to put them on, but I am looking for someone to make a pic into a charm. I keep cracking them when I try to do it myself).
+ Comments and suggestions about Starbucks coffee flavors. I'm tired of spending 3.00 ever morning for coffee, so I'm buying a coffee maker this weekend and want to get some coffee for it. Starbuck's House is a bit too weak for me and their Espresso is about what I want, but I was wondering if there was a flavor that someone could recommend to me.
+ Information on Belize and Pargue, Czech Republic. My school is taking a photography/filmmaking/writing excursion to both of these places and I would LOVE to attend one. I was wondering if anyone has been to either of these places and could give me info on them. The Belize trip is the first week of January and Prague trip is between March and May.

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I'm now offering Japanese candy grabbies!
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Japanese candy and sweet grabbies!
+ You can choose the amount you would like to pay for a grabbie, however the minimum amount is $5.00 in the US and $8.00 outside of the US.
+ I accept paypal (preferred), money order, and cash ONLY.
+ All grabbies will be shipped in a bubble mailer and will be shipped on Monday and Wednesday.
+ If you are interested in one, please fill out this form.

Location (either state USA or name country, please):
How much you are spending on your grabbie:
What flavors do you like?:
What flavors do you dislike?:
I am able to get gum, pocky, filled biscuits, and other fun treats. Is there anything you DO NOT want in your grabbie or that you are allergic to?:

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I'm now offering custom purchase POCKY and other Japanese snacks! More information under the cut!

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+Snacks must be paid for before they will be purchased and sent. If you pay for something and it's out of stock, I will refund your money.
+Prices do not include shipping
+Snacks will be purchased on Tuesday and maybe Wednesday and mailed on Thursday.
+If you want me to look for a certain item, please ask!
+Please keep in mind that my state has a sales tax of 6%
+All photos (except Hello Kitty photo) are stock photos hosted on my own photobucket

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+I accept PayPal, Money Orders, and cash ONLY. Any payment sent in the mail is sent AT YOUR OWN RISK! I prefer PayPal. I will wait until E-Checks clear if using this option with PayPal.
+First Class shipping in the US IS INCLUDED unless otherwise stated! Any priority shipping, overnight shipping, or insurance is paid by the buyer.
+I will consider shipping outside the US. Please contact me with your Country and postal code (if any) and I will find out shipping costs.
+I ship every day that I can.
+I live in a home with a dog and a cat. Please take note of this when purchasing items.
+I am not responsible for lost packages. I will do everything in my power to locate the package, however.
+If you don't like my price, let me know what you want to pay.
+I LOVE TO TRADE but am trying to limit my trades!!!
+If you want me to hold something for you, tell me WHEN you want me to hold it until. Just saying "will you hold that for me" will not do.
+If you ask if I want to trade, I expect you to send your items first. If I ask you to trade, I'll send my items first.